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Click on Subscriber Login, enter your Login ID and Password, click the Login button.

Each edition you subscribe to will appear under the heading "Your Editions"
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At this point you have two choices:

1 To use the search feature, click Search.

With this feature you have several options to search our database. The first search option is to leave all white
boxes blank and click on search at the bottom of the page. This will list all data alphabetically by heading type
(example - Alexandria City Court - Arbitration, Contract, etc.).  When you reach the bottom of each page, you
can use the previous or next links to move backward or forward. You can also use the go to page feature by
clicking on the down arrow next to the page number and then click the go button.

The bottom menu bar will show which block of records you are viewing out of the total records in the
database. When you have finished, you may click on the new search button found at the top of the screen
under the Search bar, or click on the Parish button under Your Editions.

The next search option is to search only for a particular type (category) of data.  First - Click on the Clear All
link (the Check All link will add check marks to all of the data types and the Clear All link removes all check
marks) to clear all check marks. Now check only the type(s) you which to view and click search.

The next option is to type what you are looking for in the Search For box and then click the search button
(example - Typing the word
Bank and then clicking search will show each record in the database that contains
the word
Bank). This will also work to locate a company or individual's name. This type of search may return
unexpected results due to spelling variations (ie John Smith will return different results than searching for
John W Smith). When we list data, we use the exact spelling we see in the original documents even when it is
an obvious error.

All of the above search types can also be limited by date range. To search for a particular range, enter the
beginning and ending dates either by typing the date (use this format mm/dd/yyyy) or by selecting the date
from the two calendars.

2 To use the calendar, select the month and year, then click the select button. Data is posted to each day
that has been underlined. Select the day you wish to view.
All data, which may cover more than one day, for a
particular issue will be included in the Word or PDF icon. You may also print each issue by selecting either
icon. To see data for
only the day you have selected, you can click on any heading under the records bar to
take you to that data type or simply scroll down to see each type in alphabetical order.

Non Subscribers

Follow these instructions to access our DEMO area and view sample data for 12/20/2007 & 12/26/2007.
Individuals and companies that do not subscribe to one of our publications have limited access to information.
We have set up a Demo Area that you can use to test our site. On the left menu bar click on Louisiana-Demo
under Your Editions. Now follow the above instructions under Subscribers where it states At this point you
have two choices:

Another area that is available to non-subscribers is the sample issue area. Use the following instructions to
view sample issues.

Click on the Sample Issues link in the left menu bar. You can view a sample issue for each parish listed in
either MS Word or PDF formats (to download a free PDF viewer see the Frequently Asked Questions section
in the left menu bar).

We hope you find the information in the sample issues beneficial and we invite you to subscribe.
To print these instrutions click one
of the following links
MS Word