Frequently Asked Questions
Q.   In the top left corner of each window is the statement "This session is sponsored by".
What does this mean?

A.   This area is dedicated to companies or individuals that wish to advertise on our website. Each
time a new page is loaded, a new advertisement appears.  We include a link to each advertisers
website if requested.

Q.   What are your advertising rates and how do I advertise on your site?

A.  Click on the Advertise With Us link in the left menu for rates and a advertising agreement.

Q.   Why are there so many misspelled words in your site?

A.   While we do make errors, most of the errors you will see are retyped exactly as we find them in  
the original documents. When we see an obvious error, we publish exactly what we find. We do
this to let the person/orgainzation that filed the document see the error which may assist them in
filing a correction to the original document.

Q.   What does it mean when I see the term "no legal description given"?

A.   This term is used when the document does not list a legal description (such as Lot 5, Blk 10,
Jones Subd). The legal description is sometimes omitted in the description area of a document or
the entire description page (such as an exhibit page) which is referred to in the document is

Q.   How do I open a PDF file?

A.   You need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to open the PDF files.
To download the free PDF Viewer to your computer, click the following link and follow the instructions
on you screen: